OpenGL Tutorial

The tutorials on this page may contain mistakes, poor commenting, and should not be considered the best resource to learn OpenGL from. What you do with the code is up to you. If you are serious about
learning OpenGL, you should spend the money and invest in the OpenGL Red Book (ISBN 0-201-46138-2) and OpenGL Blue Book (ISBN 0-201-46140-4). I have the second edition of each book, and although they can be difficult for the new OpenGL programmer to understand, they are by far the best books written on the subject of OpenGL. Another book I would recommend is the OpenGL Superbible, although opinions vary. It is also important that you have a solid understanding of the language you plan to use. Although I do comment the non-GL lines, I am self-taught, and may not always write proper or even good code. It’s up to you to take what you have learned from this site and apply it to projects of your own. Play around with the code, read books, ask me questions if need be. Once you have surpassed the code on this site or even before, check out more professional sites, such as Nate’s Programming Page or Although Nate’s site is inactive at the moment, it contains tons of excellent example programs, that are well written, and really show off what OpenGL is capable of.

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  1. Nathan said

    A good resource, very handy

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